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Single Axis Motion Simulator and Position Rate Table


Whether it is a Single Axis Motion Simulator or a Position Rate Table, your Actidyn Simulator is the ideal piece of equipment for the testing, fine tuning and calibration of gyroscopes and accelerometers. Just so you have the full perspective of your machine’s capabilities: each time you use your Actidyn table, you achieve the exploit to be able to aim at a single cristal of snow…at a distance of 20m. Or a candle light at a distance of 2Km.


With your Actidyn table, you can now optimize :

- the instantaneous speed accuracy of your accelerometers,

- the low speed functioning (below 1°/ hour) of your gyroscopes,

- the high speed functionning at speeds as high as 10000°/s of your inertial systems,

- the absolute functioning and accuracy (down to 0.1 second of arc) of your mechanical assemblies,

- the indexation in space of the axis of your systems,


all of which can be combined with both temperature and vacuum testing.

For your extreme applications, at very low speeds or very high accuracies, the use of air bearings instead of ball bearings, and even electromagnetic bearings, you can reach performances of a quite unique nature.


One axis simulator specifications


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