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About us

World leader in the field of geotechnical centrifuge modeling and major player in the arena of motion simulation as well as of vibroacoustic analysis and simulation for 30 over years, our team at ACTIDYN offers a vast range of testing and modeling products, designed for your Research and Development or Pre-Production Product Development stages. When it comes to testing and analysis equipment, ACTIDYN’s expertise covers a wide spectrum of scientific fields from soil mechanics, materials research and hydrodynamics to electronics, robotics, signal processing and analysis and even medical research.

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ACTIDYN's transcontinental reputation of excellence : your best guarantee for the success of your projects

Be it in the Defense or Construction industries, in the field of Geotechnical Centrifuge Modeling, in the Transportation or Automotive sector as well as in Aerospace, ACTIDYN is the trusted partner of several Corporations, Research Institutes, and Universities in 35 countries. For over three decades household names and World Leaders have chosen ACTIDYN as their partner.

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Thalès-Alenia Space (France), Airbus,(Europe), British Aerospace(U.K.), Dassault Aviation (France), EADS (Europe).


PSA (France, Slovenia), Renault (France), Valeo (France).


DGA-Celar (France), DGA-LRBA (France), DCN (France), MBDA (France), EADS (Europe), Japan Aviation Engineering-JAE (Japan), Samsung-Thales (Korea), US Army Corps of Engineers (USA)

Unique Blend of Skills – Unique Know-How – Unique Applications

The unique range of ACTIDYN Geotechnical Centrifuges, Earthquake Simulators and Robots operating under augmented and high-g conditions and their associated accessories are currently essentially in Geotechnical Modeling; ACTIDYN Laboratory Centrifuges and Motion Simulators are used essentially for the calibration of accelerometers or inertial guiding systems, whereas shakers are used in the automotive and aerospace industries for the development and testing of mechanical structures and their behavior under vibrations.

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Geotechnical Centrifuges

Leading Designer and Manufacturer of giant geotechnical centrifuges, earthquake simulators and associated products and equipment, ACTIDYN places its know-how at your service to help you focus entirely on your experiements and testing activities.

Motion Simulators/ Controllers

ACTIDYN brings its 30 years experience to the fine crafting of your rate tables and your motion simulators. Our new unique range of products designed in 2007 leverages the latest technological advances in motion simulation and control.

Laboratory Centrifuges

Our laboratory centrifuges combine know-how acquired in the field of geotechnical centrifuges, motion simulators and vibration analysis. The latest creations include Actidyn’s high accuracy centrifuge – with a tolerance of about 1ppm in acceleration – as well as the Vibrafuge, which combines the latest innovations in the field of centrifuges and the latest developments in the field of large electrodynamic shakers.


As if the legendary reliability of equipment designed and manufactured by ACTIDYN were not enough, we ensure the maximum lifetime of your machine through an impeccable worldwide maintenance service of both ACTIDYN products but also products designed and manufactured by our partners or of other brands. Devender