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Mission statement

Acutronic France Mission

Actidyn mission

To provide you with the highest quality and most reliable tools for the most realistic and accurate simulation and modeling of static,  dynamic and vibrational phenomena by applying the most appropriate technology and making it work for you in the simplest yet most powerful ways, at the tiniest fraction of the cost of real-world simulation.

Whether your mission is to:

- reclaim land on sea for the creation of new constructible areas,

- optimize the extraction of fossil fuels or minerals,

- give access to previously inaccessible geographical areas,

- tap renewable energy sources,

- speed up  transportation through the construction of tunnels, bridges and roads,

- improve the comfort of air transportation,

- reinforcer levees and dams,

- increase the speed of satellite telecommunications,

- or even to send humanity into space,

ours is to help you understand and gain a grip on the phenomena involved in the accomplishment of your mission that will allow you to make the best decisions, to understand and control your risks, all at a fraction the financial, time and mental costs of in situ testing.

This we achieve through the careful craft of unique modeling and simulation solutions, may it be motion simulation or simulation of complex vibrational phenomena – combining vibrations and increased gravity levels – thanks to the world’s most precise and powerful systems, reaching out for requirements ever pushing back the frontiers of what is possible or achievable.

Our passion is to find the ways to help you concentrate exclusively on your mission at the simulation and modeling experiments your mission requires, by making our machines always easier to use, by constantly increasing their level of artificial intelligence and still remaining simple and close to your need.