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AXIDYN Motion Simulator Controllers

axidynEssential to any rate table or motion simulator, the AXIDYN ND by Acutronic is a versatile numerical Motion Simulator Controller for all your single-axis rate tables as well as multiaxis Motion Simulators used for the tests and calibration of your inertial guidance navigation systems as well as your HardWare In the Loop platforms (HWIL).

Controlled by youraxidyn controllers AXIDYN NDyour motion simulator, regardless of brand and manufacture date, is now ready to operate at the world’s highest accuracy levels and provide dynamic responses like you have never seen. Your AXIDYN ND makes the best out of your optical encoder and induction signals.

Now, your motion simulator and rate tables can be controlled from a control room thanks to the use of interfaces such as RS232C, IEEE488 and Ethernet or high-speed parallel interfaces better suited for the real-time requirements of HWIL systems.

Your Axidyn ND’s user interface can be installed on just about any standard PC connected to a network, allowing you to control the operating mode of your simulator, supervise its status and record your test results from the comforts of your control room.

Among its many unique features, the controller is programmed under a Linux environment and benefits from the power of a DSP architecture, including a highly stable internal clock. Four operational modes are available on all Axidyn ND models in standard:

  • position,
  • angular rate,
  • sine, and
  • tracking, for HWIL systems.

And, of course, all modes can be combined with analogue inputs to give you control over the motion of your external devices.

Acutronic just made your World of Motions Simulation a lot better, providing you with most accurate and reliable Motion.