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Two- and Three-Axis Motion Simulators

binocularYour Actidyn two-axis and three-axis Electric Motion Simulators are the most widely used machines for the testing of your Inertiel Guidance Systems. With your Actidyn two- and three-axis Electric Motion Simulators you now benefit from stability and repeatability found only in Giant Telescope Mounts, both statically and dynamically. As for precision, some of your Actidyn motion simulators even exceed the accuracy of large telescope mounts.

How do we do this? The answer lies in our special Active Motion Simulation Dynamics Drives, Controls and Technology, the perfect combination of state-of-the-art mechanical design, the latest electronic developments and the fastest and most efficient software platforms.

With your Actidyn three-axis Electric Motion Simulators you could vitually perform voltigeastronomical observations…while stunt-flying.

Whether you use them in position or rate mode, as trajectory simulators, with or without temperature cycles, your Actidyn three-axis Electric Motion Simulator help you at every stage: design,development, manufacturing post-destocking reactivation and calibration of inertial guidance systems.

The geometrical configuration of the axis of your machine is adapted to your application. So are the general performancesspeedsangular accelerationsposition accuracy: all are adjusted to both your need and budget.

Welcome to the World of Active Motion Simulation Dynamics – by ACTIDYN.


Two axis simulator specification chart

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