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Dual Axis Motion Simulators – ST2356 Series


Your Dual Axis ST2356 Series Acutronic Motion Simulators are ultra-high accuracy positioning Motion Simulators designed specifically for the testing and calibration of gyroscopes, accelerometers and inertial guidance systems within the lowest costs with the highest possible level of accuracy found in a dual-axis system. Their table, offset from the internal axis, allows to load Units Under a Test of a significant length. Their open gimbals make them particularly well-suited for optical systems' testing and calibration operations requiring a wide field of view. As such, their perfect application lies in the calibration and testing of stabilized line-of-sight aiming systems.

Acutronic’s signature Active Motion Simulation Dynamics AC brushless technology empowering your Dual Axis Motion Simulators produces stunningly wide bandwidths and breathtaking dynamic responses, all the while ensuring the lowest maintenance costs.

Your Dual Axis Motion Simulators can be equipped with temperature chambers operating from -55°C to 185°C, with a vacuum chamber producing a vacuum of 1.10-6 Torr, made-to-specification slip-rings, an Acutronic Fiber Optic Communications Rotary Joint and Acutronic’s signature Fluid Rotary Joint.


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