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Geotechnical Centrifuges Modelling – C90 Series

Until 2020 numerous nations will equip themselves with a whole range of new infrastructure. Such investments have already been announced in the USA and in China, being the spark of an infrastrtucture boom for the record books. New bridges, roads, hydroelectric dams, railroads, tunnels, levees will be erected which will be a magnitude larger than current structures.

Modeling the behavior of these new structures on their foundations requires simulation instruments and centrifuges with a scale adjusted to the dimensions of these new infrastructures. To meet these new needs, ACTIDYN is currently designing and developing a series of centrifuges 8 to 10 meters in radius, featuring baskets of 4 to 5 square meters.

Hence this page shall be updated with all performances once these will have been defined and frozen. Stay tuned, we will have more for you on the front of these new developments soon.