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Actidyn Controlled Tooling Systems

Designed by a manufacturer of centrifuges to operate on any centrifuge

teleWhen you need to perform in-flight operations on your model, to simulate in-flight the construction of a levee, the repair of a dam, construction work around an existing structure lying on instable foundations, your Actidyn Controlled Tooling System reproduces for you reality as if you were supervising real-life operations.

Your Actidyn Controlled Tooling System is a unique instrument worldwide: designed and manufactured to operate on your centrifuge, it operates at accelerations at 100 times the earth gravity.

The result of a decade in reasearch and development, of an investment of over ten million euros and almost two decades of operating experience at our customers’ facilities around the world, your Actidyn Controlled Tooling System handles constraints on a scale of the centrifuges on which they operate in a perfectly controlled fashion, without ever slowing their pace and being impacted by fatigue phenomenons.

While it is particularly adequate for work on your Actidyn centrifugetele, your Actidyn Controlled Tooling System can simply be placed on the edge of any container and so operate on any centrifuge.


Simplicity and Ease-Of-Use

teleYour Actidyn Controlled Tooling System operates along 4 axis: two perpendicular translation axis in a plane parallel and above the bottom of your centrifuge basket, a dual axis of translation-rotation perpendicular to the aformentioned plane, able to produce up to 5kN and a torque of up to 5N.m.

Allowing you to operate with speeds at 100g of up to 50mm/s and a positioning accuracy within 1mm on each axis and 1 degree on the rotation axis, it is equipped with 3 to 4 tool magazines depending on the dimensons of your centrifuge basket. Combined movements are allowed and your tool holder can move along all 4 axis simultaneously.

The programmable interface, like the interface of your centrifuge, is both simple and intelligent. You can upload the tridimensionnal representation of your model and your Actidyn Controlled Tooling System calculates the fastest trip from one point to another avoiding any interference with your model.


The community of Actidyn Controlled Tooling Systems

communityYou belong to the elite in your discipline and you have chosen to protect your reputation by acquiring an Actidyn Controlled Tooling System. Welcome to the community of users of Actidyn Controlled Tooling System.



The tool holder of your Actidyn Controlled Tooling Systemuniversal is universal.


robotAnd so you can no only exchange ideas and observations with other members of your community, you can also swap tools with members such as RPI (USA), Kaist (Korea) or LCPC (France).




And for your most complex experiments you can also design your own tooling specific to your application. The only limit is your imagination.