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Geotechnical Centrifuges Modelling – C61 Series


Your ACTIDYN C61 is another step in the direction of giant geotechnical modeling centrifuges while still leaving you with the benefits and versality of a simplified preparation and setup thanks to a machine the size of a human being, an ultra-fast start-up, and minimal consumption.

With its 2-meter radius and a platform of 0.5m in width and 0.7m in length, it can carry up to 500Kg at 100g, 130Kg à 130g or, as an option, event to 1000g.

This is the best of both worlds at the tip of your fingers: you have the unique possibility to carry your data acquisition system on a centrifuge that exhibits the versality of an ACTIDYN C60 series model.


General Characteristics

Series C61
Force (g x t) 50
Radius (m) 2.0
Basket Width (m) 0.6
Basket Length (m) 1.0
Basket Depth (m) 0.60
Maximum Acceleration (g) 130
Maximum Load Under Maximum Acceleration (kg) 230
Maximum Load (kg) 500
Maximum Acceleration Under Maximum Load (g) 100
Maximum Power Consumption under Maximum Acceleration (kW) 25

Brochure Download

c61.pdf (480.52 KB)