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Geotechnical Centrifuges Modelling – C72 Series


With your C72 centrifuge made by ACTIDYN you have now enetered the world of giant geotechnical centrifuges.

With its 5 meter radius at basket, acceleration is uniform over almost the entire 1.2m x 1.2m surface of the basket.
Your 2,400Kg payload can be accelerated up to 100g allowing you to modelize the most complex structures on foundations made of a large number of stratas. At 130 g you can load up to 1,400Kg.

Your machine features, even in its base version, an automatic balancing system, power slip rings, a Fiber Optic Rotary Joint (FORJ) for data transmission at up to 1 Gbit/sACTIDYN’s signature hydraulic rotary joints and power slip rings.

Once the payload is loaded on the basket, everything becomes automatical. Lock the doors and sit down comfortably in your control room many tens of meters from the centrifuge room, launch the controller on your control PC and activate all auxillaries. Enter your desired acceleration level and once all lights turn green, press “boom start”. From there on, the system takes care of itself.

You can now concentrate entierely on the interpretation of your test results – your C72 takes care about everything else. You do not need to be anxious about balancing, whether during acceleration or deceleration. Though your C72 centrifuge is a technological giant and bears the fruits of a unique type of know-how, ACTIDYN made it the dream geotechnical modeling instrument requiring that you ask no other questions but those relating to your experiment.

Your C72 is also versatile and can easily be reconfigured to be equipped with a QS72 earthquake simulator, a jewel cut to size for your C72 by design. Within just a few hours you can simulate seismic vibrations at the scale of your model.

The R72 Controlled Tooling System, also operated from the control room, was made to-size to work with your C72 centrifuge and your QS72 earthquake simulator if required. Now can simulate road construction work, embankment construction, perform in-flight measurements over more than 0.6m of your model at 3-digit acceleration levels. All this within a 280kW power consumption regardless of the aceleration level or ramp up phase.


General Characteristics

Series C72
Force (g x t) 240
Radius (m) 5.0
Basket Width (m) 1.2
Basket Length (m) 1.2
Basket Depth (m) 1.2
Maximum Acceleration (g) 130
Maximum Load Under Maximum Acceleration (kg) 1,400
Maximum Load (kg) 2,400
Maximum Acceleration Under Maximum Load (g) 100
Maximum Power Consumption under Maximum Acceleration (kW) 280