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Geotechnical Centrifuges Modelling – C85 Series


With a 7.5m radius, capable of accelerating 5 tons to 130g on its 2m x 2m basket, this C85 is currently the largest centrifuge in the world. The one at the Takenaka Institute Presented above has been in operation for over 16 years, like the C80 centrifuge at the LCPC in Nantes. With major technological advancements made in the field of electronics over the same period, the controller and powerdrive of this masterpiece will be soon remplaced by a more recent version offering unmatched performances while ensuring a poser consumption still lower than the present one.

Set in operation almost on a daily basis and fully amortized since 2002, the C85 centrifuge at the Takenaka Institute is the symbol of ACTIDYN’s products regardless of scale.


General Characteristics

Series C85
Force (g x t) 700
Radius (m) 7.5
Basket Width (m) 2.0
Basket Length (m) 2.0
Basket Depth (m) 2.0
Maximum Acceleration (g) 200
Maximum Load Under Maximum Acceleration (kg) 2,000
Maximum Load (kg) 5,000
Maximum Acceleration Under Maximum Load (g) 150
Maximum Power Consumption under Maximum Acceleration (kW) 1,500

Brochure Download

c85.pdf (503.94 KB)