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On-the-ground Sand Rainers

sand hopper

For you Actidyn manufactures two types of sand rainers:

  • on-the-ground 1g sand rainers,
  • in-flight sand-rainers.


Your on-the-ground Actidyn sand-rainer allows you to prepare homogeneous dry stratas of sand of a chosen density. With its controlled constant flow and a constant height of fall, its entirely automatic horizontal and vertical movement commands, you can now produce models of near-perfect uniformity across the entire volume of your Actidyn container: point-to-point variance does not excede 2%. The automatic controls ensure perfect repeatability.

All you have to do is choose your sand flow parameters and and a height of fall that will be the determining factors defining density. Producing sand models can be a hazard to one’s health through the inhaling of silica. The sand distributor of your Actidyn sand rainer is entirely automatic and does not require human intervention.

Thanks to your Actidyn sand rainer, you now save time and safely produce sand models from a sound working environment,.


On-the-ground Sand Rainer technical description

On-ground Sand Hopper Technical Description


In-flight Sand Rainers


on board

Your in-flight Actidyn sand hopper was designed to produce models of levees on-board centrifuges to test their strength and evaluate how they consolidate.

Your in-flight Actidyn sand hopper comes over your model prepared and consolidated in a rectangular container. The sand distribution system contains the sand required to simulate the fill and is placed atop the container above the clay model. The distribution system and the model contain all the necessary sensors to monitor the evolution of the simulated soil during consolidation and sand flow is measured through built-in dynamometers.

With your in-flight Actidyn sand hopper, simulate the erection of fills, the construction of levees, from the comfort and safety of your centrifuge control room.

Brochure Download

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