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containerYour rectangular ACTIDYN containers are robust, adapted to your application, cut-to-size for your centrifugeuse and your and hopper. For you we have looked after the slightest detail. Right down to the carrying hangers location which was studied to simplify the carrying of your container and to bring it on the basket in the most secure of positions.

Their honeycomb structure allows them to withstand pressures of up to 1.5MPa with a minimum weight.

Your cylindrical ACTIDYN containers are cost-effective and robust. Their welded special steecylinderl structure garantees great mechanical resistance and great resilience. They can withstand pressures of up to 1.5MPa.

windowYour ACTIDYN rectangular container, made-to-size to fit the basket of your centrifuge as well as your application, is equipped with a Perplex window. Now you can film your experiments and view the evolution of your model in a section view at up to 80g all in real time.


Brochure Download

containers.pdf (176.35 KB)