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Consolidation Systems

Consolidation Systems

For your geotechnical models two consolidation methods are available:

  • Homogeneous consolidation, under a maximum pressure of 0.2 MPa;
  • Pressure gradient consolidation applicable in rectangular containers only, based on the hydraulic gradient method making it possible to create a pression differential up to 1.5 MPa between the surface and the bottom of your model.


Your Actidyn consolidation system makes it possible to apply one method or the other and obtain a soil foundation with very fine grains, consolidated homogeneously, freeing up centrifuge time for other experiments as it is not required any more for the consolidation phase of your models. The control system is composed of industrial programmable controllers. All parameters such as pression, flow, temperature can be controlled and monitored independently from one another.

Save time and free your mind with your Actidyn Consolidation System, designed to be a fully automatic system requiring no supervision.


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