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Geotechnical Centrifuges Modelling – C84 Series


The C84 presented above is the one currently in operation at the Waterways Experiment Station (WES) in Vicksburg, MS – USA. While it is not the largest in operation, it is the most powerful: capable of bringing 8t to 140g for a maximum installed power of only 1200kW.

Just like your C80 centrifuges, each and every C84 model is an entirely unique masterpiece with the only commonality shared with other C84 centrifuges being: the philosophy lying as the foundation of ACTIDYN’s design concepts.


General Characteristics

Series C84
Force (g x t) 1,200
Radius (m) 7.0
Basket Width (m) 1.4
Basket Length (m) 1.2
Basket Depth (m) 1.5
Maximum Acceleration (g) 350
Maximum Load Under Maximum Acceleration (kg) 2,000
Maximum Load (kg) 8,000
Maximum Acceleration Under Maximum Load (g) 140
Maximum Power Consumption under Maximum Acceleration (kW) 1,200

Brochure Download

c84.pdf (294.25 KB)