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Fotraining Vibration systems, shock generators, centrifuges electrodynamic shakersr each one of your machines, we offer an on-site training within your facility or ours in Elancourt.We designed your machines keeping in mind their ease-of-use, constantly striving to help you concentrate exclusively on your tests and simulation experiments. Therefore our trainings generally never excede a few days, including the presentation of the fundamental principles of your machine, security rules, its daily use and preventive maintenance.

Our training program includes theoretical as well as practical sessions on the use of your equipment including in-depth trainings on:

  • Theoretical principles;
  • Rehearsing of some essential basic formulas;
  • The principles of electrodynamic shakers;
  • The basic principles of the operational modes, the composition and full determination of a system;
  • System control;
  • Sine, random and shock modes;
  • Complementary equipment;
  • Fixtures, horizontal rate tables, balancing plates, simultaneous mecanichal-environmental tests, measuring and data acquisition;
  • Installation, maintenance;
  • Other mechnical environmental tests;
  • Vibration systems, shock generators, centrifuges.


Acutronic has built its reputation also on a network of trusted and reputable partners with the competences, talent, energy and integrity to help us bring serve your needs in the best possible ways for your long-term satisfaction.

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