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maintenance ctidyn is the maintenance company of choice for all your shakers and vibration testing systemsIt is adequate to compare Acutronic machines, which are all rotating masterpieces of stainless steel, copper and other noble materials, with this other technology giant the commercial jetliner engine. Acutronic’s history dates back to the early days of Hispano-Suiza, later renamed Snecma, designer and manufacturer of such engines. Acutronic’s know-how in the field of rotating machines stems and was inspired from jet engines.

Their fundamental principles exhibit a number of similitudes. And, just like we would handle a jet engine, we here at Acutronic provide your machine with the required maintenance and expert touch required to maximize its lifetime.
There are multiple reasons why you want to request expert maintenance for your motion simulator or centrifuge:

  • for security reasons,
  • due to their technical complexity and challenges,
  • and to keep your costs low.

It is for all these reasons as well as many others that we have trained for you a team dedicated to the satisfaction of your maintenance needs. Both for your Acutronic equipment as well as for other brands. For many years you have relied on our experience to maintain or upgrade Acutronic equipment and maintain, upgrade or refurbish our partners’ equipments or that of our competitors.

Standard services :

  • Installation of new equipement;
  • Equipment repair;
  • Moving of equipment to new premices;
  • Refurbishing;
  • Calibration and checking;
  • Maintenance;

Acutronic Quality Charter
Our promise is :

  • to allow our installation and maintenance staff to train and keep up with the latest developments in our industry;
  • to provide our customers with support from an efficient and competent helpdesk to help you solve problems on a daily basis;
  • to offer maintenance and servicing contracts for inspection and intervention within 36 to 72 hours depending on travel times;
  • to hold and maintain a stock of appropriate spare parts allowing our customers to minimize their down time.


CentrifugesWherever they are installed in the world, whatever the industry they serve – oil exploration and production, medical research or research in soil mechanics Acutronic can address your maintenance needs on all your centrifuges

Motion simulators

Motion simulators ctidyn is the maintenance company of choice for all your shakers and vibration testing systemsWhether electric or hydraulic, compact or large-scale, single or 5-axis, used for the calibration of the least to the most precise inertial systems, Acutronic performs the maintenance and calibration of your machine to ensure it remains accurate over the long-term and to maximize its lifetime.

Vibration tests

ctidyn is the maintenance company of choice for all your shakers and vibration testing systemsWether electrodynamic or hydraulic, generating a few Newtons up to 200 kN, whatever your application, from automotive to aerospace, Acutronic is the maintenance company of choice for all your shakers and vibration testing systems.

While our specialty is to handle shakers from the world leader Dataphysics, we also perform maintenance operations on any kind and any brand of shakers.


Acutronic has built its reputation also on a network of trusted and reputable partners with the competences, talent, energy and integrity to help us bring serve your needs in the best possible ways for your long-term satisfaction.

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